Whether a death is anticipated or unexpected, it is a very difficult time for those close to the deceased. It is also a time when many decisions need to be taken, often very soon after the death, and this can cause considerable stress. 


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Did you know, many airlines offer special fares to people who are traveling to attend a funeral?

Booking An Emergency Plane Flight For A Funeral


Important information for those effected by bereavement.

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Someone you have given love to and received love from has died. You are in mourning. You are bereft. To be “bereaved” literally means to be torn apart.

You are on a journey that is often frightening, painful and lonely. No words, written or spoken, can take away the pain you now feel. We hope, though, that the resources on this website will help bring you comfort and encouragement as you make a commitment to help yourself heal.

Quote: Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D


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Was tun im Sterbefall?

Bitte verständigen Sie umgehend den ärztlichen Notdienst, sobald ein Sterbefall eingetreten ist.


Der ärztliche Totenschein muss vorliegen, bevor die/der Verstorbene vom Bestatter überführt werden darf.


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